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ESports Gaming Logo - Different Types and Examples of Design

ESports Gaming Logo Design

Logo design is a big field in the design world. Each and every logo design has its own uniqueness and underlying meanings. Companies need to put time, effort and thought into their branding so they can appeal to the general public.

Gaming logo design is a rather special field of logo design, as the target audience is not the general public. ESports teams, gaming clans and organisations need to cater to the taste of mostly gamers and gaming-related companies and audience. The types and styles of eSports logo design may differ from ordinary companies. The types of gaming logo used often convey the values of the eSports teams, give visually memorable representation of their aims and goals, and appeal to their loyal followers, especially on social media like Twitter, YouTube channels and Twitch streams. Originality and creativity of the logos aid identity and recognition of the eSports teams.

Here we introduce to you some common types (or styles) of gaming logo and eSports logo design, and include some suitable examples from the logos of eSports teams, gaming clans and organisations to better illustrate the respective types of logos. Maybe this can give you inspirations and ideas on choosing the right type of logo for your team.

Lettermark logos make use of the eSports teams or gaming clans' initials, first letters or abbreviations. The most common lettermark logos are single-letter, while some are two- or three-letter. The symbolism is often strong and distinctive through the stylization of the letters. Some lettermark logos adopt minimalism and are presented in a simplistic style. The typographic lettermark logo design works well in monochrome or black and white too. In order to make the lettermark appeal to the targeted audience, the branding is often designed to the point without being excessively complicated. The style is usually responsive and works well in different platforms and social media.

ESports Gaming Logo Design - Lettermark

Wordmark is a type of completely typographic text logo design that spells out the name of the eSports organisation. Teams, clans or organisations that utilize wordmark want people to recognize them with their name, and emphasize the integrity and identity of the team. A wordmark usually uses an existing typeface (or more generally called "font") with edited elements or decorations, or uses a custom typeface, hand lettering or signature. ESports teams often choose their typeface or typography carefully for their wordmark, so it can better express their team personality and goals - e.g. innovation, strength, uniqueness, all-rounded, aggression and agility. However, it is less common for eSports organisations to use wordmark as their logo design as it is less adaptive nowadays on different platforms and social media.

ESports Gaming Logo Design - Wordmark

A symbolic, iconic or conceptual logo makes use of lines and shapes to express the ideas behind the gaming logo design. The ideas can be abstract or concrete. Vivid imagery is the key to success of this type of eSports logo, which is instantly recognizable and also memorable, leaving the targeted audience like gamers and sponsors a solid impression. Although the symbols or icons can be complicated, many eSports teams adopt simpler and more remarkable concepts. ESports organisations and clans that use symbols or icons want you to recognize them with the imagery and relate to the missions, goals and personality behind the concepts, without even needing to see the name of the teams. Symbols and icons, especially simpler ones, are very adaptive and responsive for different platforms and social media.

ESports Gaming Logo Design - Symbol / Icon / Concept

Unlike symbols and icons which can be abstract, mascot logos often represent something concrete. A mascot logo design can be an animal (e.g. a lion, tiger, bear, bull and owl), a character (e.g. a robot, archer, devil, samurai and soldier) or an object (e.g. a tank, weapon, crown, plane and star). An eSports mascot logo is often a more detailed rendition of the ideas and concepts compared with other types and styles of logo design. There are a wide variety of styles of mascot logo design in the world of eSports - some are more cartoony, some makes use of thicker lines and shading, some adopts flat design, some are more realistic while some are more illustrative. Many gaming teams and eSports organisations utilize mascot logos as they appeal to the targeted audience (e.g. gamers) and can show off their team personality and identity. They want a representative figure, in this case, a mascot, to symbolize their team branding. A gaming mascot logo is fairly adaptive and responsive in different platforms and social media, and is best for apparel and accessory design for an eSports team branding.

ESports Gaming Logo Design - Mascot

An emblem or badge logo design wraps texts and graphic elements in a stylized, layered and organized manner, such as in a shield or custom shape, to represent the gaming clans or eSports teams. The advantage of an emblem or badge is that it can contain more information in an integrated design. For example, some eSports teams and gaming clans can include their name, mascot, tagline, year of establishment and country of origin. Emblems and badges are often designed with more effects like texture, gradient, shading and highlight to produce variety. ESports teams may put different emphasis on the size of graphic elements and texts according to their need. One downside for emblem or badge logo design is that they are less adaptive or responsive for different platforms and social media because the size of respective elements are relatively small compared to other types of gaming logo design. ESports organisations or gaming clans will need to balanced the pros and cons when using this kind of logo, or can make use of distinctive and high contrast colors to make the logo more memorable and readable. Emblems and badges are great for apparel and accessory design too.

ESports Gaming Logo Design - Emblem / Badge

Combination mark logo is defined quite vaguely in eSports logo design. It comprises both graphic elements (e.g. symbol and icon) and text (e.g. wordmark, lettermark). Therefore, technically an emblem / badge or a mascot along with a text is also a combination mark. Both graphic and text elements come together complementarily when the eSports teams or gaming clans present their combination mark logos. This kind of logo has versatile styles, and shows the power of icons and symbols, while ensuring the targeted audience like gamers can recognize the eSports teams' names and branding. This type of gaming logo design is quite adaptive to different platforms and social media, but it's less common for eSports teams to adopt a combination mark in which the graphic and text elements are harder to separate.

ESports Gaming Logo Design - Combination Mark

What kind of eSports logo do you like best? Do you have any opinions on a certain type of gaming logo design? Came across a style which is not covered yet? Just saw a great eSports logo and want to share with us and others? Want to suggest any designers who specialize in designing a certain type of logo? Comment below to share your thoughts. More opinions and examples are welcome!

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