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Best Cursive Connected Script Fonts Similar To Hand Lettering

Best Cursive Connected Script Fonts Similar To Hand Lettering

Hello! The hand lettering above looks cool, right? Hmm... Actually it is not a genuine hand-lettered design, but a text using the font "Bello Pro" after applying some customization and effects (Don't you know "Bello" means "Hello" in Minion Language?).

If you're looking for the best cursive, connected, script, handwritten fonts, you've come to the right place. These fonts are useful in many ways. Beginners or amateurs in handwriting design can take these typefaces as reference and learn from them. They are also handy when you're designing invitations, banners or cards. You can effectively bring out the power of those lettering fonts by combining them with some decorative elements like swashes, patterns, florals...

Indeed there may be designers manipulating or altering these script fonts, like extending tails of some letters or adding some decorative elements, so as to create a so-called "hand lettering logo". Even some of the commercial fonts include contextual alternates (Just like the example of 'Hello!' in our intro image, the letter 'l' will be different when linked to different letters) and various ways to customize by using OpenType features.

It is your own choice if you choose to use these fonts to create a logo, but when you finally decide to adopt such a lettering design, make sure you possess the correct license to the font you're using. You should purchase a legit license if you're altering the forms of a commercial font in a logo.

There are so many handwritten fonts available in the market, be it a fountain pen font seen in most poems or a chalk doodle drawing text. It's difficult for you to sort out the best ones among a sea of script typefaces. Therefore, we've compiled a list of best cursive, connected fonts which are legible and look like hand lettering, with download links underneath. We're sure you'll love them if you're a fan of the world-famous hand lettering logos.

Here follows a collection of 20 best cursive fonts. We've separated the fonts into free and commercial ones. Some of the free ones are for personal use, while the others can also be for commercial use.

Free Cursive Fonts

Free Cursive Fonts
Most of the fonts below are free for commercial use, unless it is specifically mentioned that they're for personal use only. Have these best free fonts installed in your computers, so it'll be handy when you need a legible, attractive cursive font.

1. Pacifico Regular
Pacifico is a part of Google Fonts. It is a cute and fun cursive brush script handwriting font developed by Vernon Adams. The type designer said the font was inspired by the American surf culture in the 1950s. Personally we think it's one of the best among the free ones, due to its natural and smooth connection.
Download Pacifico Regular Here

Pacifico Regular Font

2. Lakesight
Lakesight is a clear connected script typeface developed by Måns Grebäck in 2014. Its right-slanted, flowy and smooth appearance seems to prompt you to enjoy the sight of a beautiful lake. It's only free for personal use.
Download Lakesight Here

Lakesight Font

3. Black Rose
Black Rose is a funky script font developed in 2009. The capital letters in this font are incorporating some decorative elements, just like spiky roses. The small letters are scripts similar to hand lettering. This font is thick yet legible.
Download Black Rose Here

Black Rose Font

4. Marketing Script
Marketing Script, designed by Dieter Steffmann, has nothing to do with the standard, boring corporate fonts in business industry. Rather, it looks like a smooth, cursive, interesting font best for promotional flyers, due to its thin, jolly appearance.
Download Marketing Script Here

Marketing Script Font

5. Wrexham Script
Wrexham Script is created in 1993 by Roger White. It's a legible, connected script font without being too bubbly. It is designed with more corners rather than round edges.
Download Wrexham Script Here

Wrexham Script Font

6. Damion
Damion is another font included in Google Fonts, and was also developed by Vernon Adams. It is a casual, and a little comical script font derived from a typeface in 1936, drawn by Max Kaufmann. This font is flowy, smooth and round.
Download Damion Here

Damion Font

7. Remachine Script
Remachine Script is a smooth, clean, connected script font developed by Måns Grebäck in 2013, who also designed 'Lakesight'. It's a high quality cursive font with a bit retro touch. This script is quite compact comparing with other free cursive fonts. It's only free for personal use.
Download Remachine Script Here

Remachine Script Font

8. Motion Picture
Måns Grebäck is indeed a talented typeface designer. Once again, he designed the font Motion Picture in 2013. This cursive script font has an appealing 1920s vintage style. It's only free for personal use.
Download Motion Picture Here

Motion Picture Font

9. Yesteryear
Yesteryear is a flat nib connected script font designed by Astimatic, which is also a part of Google Fonts. It's based on a movie title 'The Palm Beach Story' in 1942. It's cursive but a bit sharp.
Download Yesteryear Here

Yesteryear Font

10. Dancing Script
Dancing Script is another font featured in Google Fonts. It was designed by the type designer Pablo Impallari. It's famous for its lively casual friendly style in which the letters seem to be bouncing and their size changes slightly.
Download Dancing Script Here

Dancing Script Font

Commercial Cursive Fonts

Commercial Cursive Fonts
The following are a list of best commercial cursive fonts which you need to purchase a license in order to use them legally. They're of high quality, and some of them include advanced features like contextual alternates of OpenType. We would recommend these if you have a sufficient budget.

1. Bello Script Pro
Bello Script Pro is one of our best favorite fonts, which was developed by the font company Underware. It was actually used in the old logo of Pinterest before its rebranding in 2011. It's a brush typeface with distinctive features like ligatures, starting and ending swashes. It looks very similar to a custom made hand lettering. Our intro image with the text "Hello!" uses Bello Script Pro.
Purchase Bello Script Pro Here

Bello Script Pro Font

2. Sanelma
Sanelma is a cursive brush script with inspirations coming from sign painting and Hot Rod lettering. It's smooth, bouncy, energetic and includes alternate lettering and customization like swashes.
Purchase Sanelma Here

Sanelma Font

3. Nemocon Script
Nemocon Script is an attractive connected font based on the rotation of a flat tip brush. It's versatile with customization, and is an ideal font for graphic design.
Purchase Nemocon Script Here

Nemocon Script Font

4. Gelato Script
Galato Script's smooth flowing style is influenced by the hand lettering in the mid-Twentieth century. It's a powerful and appealing font that is best for sports team logos or food packaging. The connection between letters works seamlessly to provide a smooth appearance.
Purchase Gelato Script Here

Gelato Script Font

5. Santeli
Santeli is a big bold brush script font. It's smooth with few sharp edges. It is a strong and thick font for conveying important messages, like titles in banners and posters.
Purchase Santeli Here

Santeli Font

6. Coco FY
Coco FY is a vintage cursive script font influenced by hand lettered street signs. It's best for spicing up your design with a little retro feeling. Its condensed and rough appearance works well with energetic designs.
Purchase Coco FY Here

Coco FY Font

7. Blue Vinyl
Blue Vinyl is a cursive connected handwritten font inspired by sign painting. It also possesses advanced opentype features for customization. Its clean, curly and casual style attracts people's attention.
Purchase Blue Vinyl Here

Blue Vinyl Font

8. Quayside
Quayside is a bold and thick baseball cursive script. It's a versatile font which can be used in retro posters, or modern invitation cards. It also comes with features of contextual alternates and ligatures. The style of this script is subtle and legible, without too many decorative elements.
Purchase Quayside Here

Quayside Font

9. Thirsty Script
Thirsty Script is a contemporary typeface which is said to be a mix of retro and modern styles. It has combined many distinctive features from different cursive script fonts, resulting in a unique typeface.
Purchase Thirsty Script Here

Thirsty Script Font

10. Metroscript
Another font in our favorite list. The designer of Metroscript claimed that it's almost indistinguishable from genuine hand lettering, as it consists of many ligatures, alternates and swashes thanks to OpenType features, allowing the letters to connect seamlessly. It suggests a retro look similar to sports team logos.
Purchase Metroscript Here

Metroscript Font

Do you love these cursive script fonts? Share this article to let others discover all these amazing fonts. You can learn more about the modern features of OpenType fonts in I LOVE TYPOGRAPHY website.

Though we've collected these so-called best cursive connected script fonts, you're surely welcome to share your thoughts. Is there any other cursive handwriting font that you love? Are you amazed by the modern features of the recent fonts, like contextual alternates in OpenType, customized swashes, and alternate lettering? Feel free to share in the comments below.

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