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10 Famous Hand Lettering Logos In The World

Hand Lettering Design

There are indeed not too many well-known companies using hand drawn or handwritten lettering designs as their trademarks or brand logo designs. Most of them prefer to adopt corporate fonts or custom fonts, with or without a symbol alongside, in their company logos.
Corporate Logo Design Examples
Hand letterings are unique and outstanding among tons of text-based company logos, or in other words, logotype and wordmark. Without any use of fonts, they are eye-catching, out-of-the-box and special in a way that the public can relate them to the company branding easily. Some of them may be the founders' signature, while the others are scripts and letterings specifically created by designers. Hand letterings may be less adaptable in a responsive digital world, but they definitely carry vibrancy, energy, character and personality, which may also be the reason why such logos possess longevity.

Here we introduce to you a collection of 10 famous logos created using hand lettering.

The red color, the right slant, the angle, the handwritten style - all depict the confident, adventurous and ambitious personality traits of its founder, Richard Branson. Starting from a record shop, Virgin has developed into a world-famous business empire comprising of over 200 groups of companies, with Virgin Atlantic being the biggest one. This famous logo on an airplane is a symbol of authenticity, quality service and class.

Hand Lettering Logo Design - Virgin

Designer Minale Tattersfield designed this lettering logo loosely based on a signature, for this upmarket department store Harrods in Knightsbridge. Such elegant, luxury calligraphy has made its brand distinctive from its competitors.

Hand Lettering Logo Design - Harrods

Originally designed by the famous designer Saul bass in the 1980s, but later revitalized in 2007. In the United States, the brand name "Kleenex" has almost become genericized, referring to any facial tissue. Its light, cute and round lettering with an arc relates to its brand image well, also giving people a jolly and comfortable feeling.

Hand Lettering Logo Design - Kleenex

Clean, natural blue hand lettering with a decorative water droplet in the small letter "i". The lettering flows smoothly and gives people a sense of nature and freshness. Culligan is an international water treatment and filtration products company, best known for its slogan "Hey, Culligan Man!"

Hand Lettering Logo Design - Culligan

"threadless" is an e-commerce T-shirt design website consisting of an online community of designers. Its logo is a hand lettering featuring negative space - quite a special combination which attracts attention. Despite its creativity and uniqueness, whether it's good-looking depends on you. We do think it kind of symbolizes its community comprising designers with different styles, yet with lots of innovation and creativity.

Hand Lettering Logo Design - threadless

As the name implies, MyFonts is a digital fonts distributor, which sell fonts to companies and individuals. During its rebranding in 2008, MyFonts smartly avoided using any font as its logo, but rather adopted a custom lettering designed by Underware. Interestingly, its logo includes a "secret bonus" as mentioned by MyFonts after the rebranding. Doesn't the "My" part look like a hand? Yeah, that's it! This is a good example of a symbol with hidden meaning beautifully merged with the whole logotype. Clever indeed.

Hand Lettering Logo Design - MyFonts

This lettering logo is based on the signature of Kellogg's founder, Will Keith Kellogg. There was a legend that Kellogg signed every package of corn flakes when the company was set up initially. Its funny, thick, round and smooth handwriting style is appealing to family and children. Kellogg's is a multinational cereal and convenience food manufacturing company.

Hand Lettering Logo Design - Kellogg's

It seems that food and beverage industry likes to embrace hand lettering as their branding. Cadbury is another example. Cadbury is a multinational confectionery company famous for its wide variety of chocolate bars. Aren't you intrigued by the swirl in the letter "C" and the seeming symmetry of the letters "d" and "b"? These are decorative elements that the designer probably thought of to catch people's attention and leave a strong impression.

Hand Lettering Logo Design - Cadbury

Milka is another company famous for selling chocolate bars, which also uses a custom lettering logo. It's a Swiss company, and it also manufactures cookies and snacks. Maybe cute handwritten logos are more attractive to children. Do you think you've got better appetite after seeing those hand lettering logos on food packages? Probably!

Hand Lettering Logo Design - Milka

Last logo in this collection. Ms. Fields is a snack food company famous for its cookies and brownies. Its thick, strong lettering logo has successfully established an appealing brand image towards snack lovers. Food and beverage companies do love using lettering as their brand.

Hand Lettering Logo Design - Mrs Fields

Can you feel the magic and power of hand lettering logos now? Some popular (though cliched) ones like "Ford" and "Disney" have even been developed into fonts. You can see that these letterings are trending among text-based logos. Yet, they are still a minority. With so many companies using corporate fonts as their text logos, hand letterings can surely stand out among the crowd if they are designed in a stylish and unique manner. What do you think about hand lettering logos? Do you think they fit well for company logos? Are there any other hand lettering or handwritten logos that catch your attention? You're welcome to share your thoughts!

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