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Synergy Artists Fanmade Logo

Synergy Artists Fanmade Logo
Our just-for-fun response to the Synergy Artists Logo Contest held by @SynArtists on Twitter in September 2016. The contest is not easy as the design must be relevant to Synergy Artists and must incorporate the Synergy team logo in the design. The contest spawned some jokes as people were submitting completely new designs or even Avis. Don't know about the difference of Logo vs Avi? Check out our interpretation of Avi in our ESports Design Glossary. Although no winners were selected in the contest, we had much fun creating the design.

The design boldly incorporates the Syn Artists logo in its original form, while a sharp angle forming the top of a letter "A" standing for "Artists" fiercely divides the letter S into solid fill and line form. It symbolizes the transition from a solid eSports team to its more abstract subdivision - their design team. The letter S forms a part of the letter A to represent the relationship. Overall it's a balanced gaming logo design with simplicity.

We've also designed a motion graphics animation for this fanmade logo. Here is the original tweet of the release of this logo design entry.

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