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Abstract Letter S Concept Logo

Abstract Letter S Concept Logo
If you have ever asked an eSports or gaming concept logo designer which letter is the most difficult to design, he'll probably answer the letter "S". Well... this time we love challenges and have tried to create an abstract letter S gaming concept logo, and here's the final outcome. This lines with solid shapes combine to form a well-balanced and geometrically pleasing logo concept. This free gaming logo makes use of simple and minimal techniques, which are appealing and attractive, and can express its symbolism well. Symbolism is elegant, classic, simple, accurate, wholistic, and cooperated. Very suitable for anyone struggling to find a personal letter S logo, or for any eSports orgs, teams and clans with names starting with the letter S. Our team has also designed an After Effects flat animation motion graphics logo intro for this letter S concept, which can be viewed on our YouTube channel.

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